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Is Sea Salt THAT Bad? Let's Chat...

As a sea salt company, it is not lost on us that health concerns will come into play. High blood pressure and heart disease are REAL concerns for so many people and unfortunately salt gets all the blame.

While we understand it, we also want to peel back the layers on the "salt" discussion. The more informed we are about this, the better decisions we can make and ultimately the healthier we can become.

First things first - sodium is used as both a preservative and a seasoning. There is sodium in SOOOOO many processed foods. Frozen meals (diet and regular), condiments and dressings, canned foods, processed snacks like chips, cold cuts, cheeses and more. And just because foods contain high levels of sodium doesn't mean they will be then we add more salt to taste. Fast food and fast casual -- yes, even your favorite dine-in restaurants are culprits too! We enjoy these meals not even thinking about the salt content. Ultimately our health pays the price.

Poor food choice is the true culprit of high blood pressure and heart disease. that we know this, consider eliminating PROCESSED, FROZEN, and FAST FOODS from your diet and see if things begin to improve. Make the switch to sea salt over table salt immediately. The quality of what we eat is just as important as the foods we choose.

Our bodies actually need salt for survival. Salt is necessary for:

  • controlling our blood pressure

  • maintaining proper nerve and muscle function

  • normal cell function

  • maintaining the acid balance in the blood

We love what we do in creating sea salt blends and will always keep you informed of how to keep both flavor and health into perspective. Are you interested in learning the 12 reasons why salt is GOOD for you? Click HERE to grab the list for free.

Let us know if you struggle with high blood pressure or heart disease. Are you dealing with sneaky sodium creeping into your diet with different types of processed or fast foods? Please share your insights in the comments.

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