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Our community is comprised of subscribers and friends who have an appreciation of good food flavor. It doesn't matter if you cook at home once a month or all seven days of the week; if you are here, you are in great company. We'll share, connect, and enjoy food with FLAVOR - the way it was truly intended! Click the Community button to stay connected!

Theme of the Quarter

Quarter 1: Sea Salt, Self-Care, and Culture

From now until the end of March 2023, we'll explore ways in which sea salt intersects with personal self-care and cultures from around the world! Subscribe to our mailing list and join in the discussion in the blog, below.

Quarter 2: Sea Salt Plus - Highlighting the various types of sea salt from around the world

Quarter 3: The (Famed) Cookout - the role of sea salt in summer eats / drinks

Quarter 4: Sea Salt Throughout History - From religion to superstition


What's Goin'On...

Porcini Umami Pre-Sale  - Happening now.

New Recipes - Launching Feb 2023.

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