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Benefits of Home Cooking

The theme of Q1 2022 is: Let's Improve our health and self-care through home cooking and meal prep with Earth & Field Salt Company!

A 2018 study on the psychosocial benefits of home cooking as a form of therapy was conducted by the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center and it found 4 surprising health and wellness benefits that we can all get behind:

  1. ​Improved Confidence and Self-Esteem - Home cooking contributes to feelings of accomplishment and confidence when compared to not cooking at home.

  2. Socialization - Cooking with others contributes to a sense of belonging, sharing common interests, and the opportunity to enjoy the company of others.

  3. Mood - Cooking at home can reduce feelings of anxiety and improve feelings of overall well-being.

  4. Improved Eating Habits - Cooking at home had positive impacts on healthier food choices.

After all of the volatility we experienced due to the pandemic, positive ways of feeling good are choices we can easily stand behind in 2022! And what's even better is there are very few rules involved.

I challenge you to choose to prepare one of your favorite meals at home this month. Don't worry about it needing to be perfect; keep all of your focus on making it delicious by YOUR standards. You deserve that freedom, and you deserve to experience all of the benefits of home cooking as well! Bon appetite!

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